Men's shortcomings, they are the same dignity

Men's shortcomings, they are the same dignity
 Was once a very popular song about legible Woman, too long to wait for her prince. Something all the requirements: not to drink or smoke, flowers gave back often nest egg from his wife did, mother in law mom called. And at the same time ignoring football, was happy and cheerful. And, of course, that was beautiful and smart.

You can count on leisure, there is great probability that such a prince would come to this girl with very modest. Especially considering the point about the wife's mother. Well, if it is serious - with some male disadvantages women are willing to accept? And even, in certain circumstances, to consider their advantages?


The vast majority of women just get angry when her husband or lover "throwing good money after bad," spend their waste (of course, from the female point of view). In their eyes, it is a heavy offense, it is comparable to treason.

But here's the paradox: even more stingy man repels women, especially - reaching to skopidomstva. Woman, even angry at the words in the soul can admire the "spendthrift": oh, here is a man, here is a generous nature! Especially if the subject of extravagance is she. Well, a hair's breadth as is the actress under the window where the poor artist poured a million red roses. Miser, cheapskate she did not admire ever!


Woman, the very nature of the role assigned to the homemaker, in most cases, just instinctively afraid of risk, tayaschego danger. Therefore, it is unlikely to be delighted if carried away by her favorite extreme sports, or put all the "at stake" in some major financial transaction. At the same time, nervous and scolding him in her heart, she could admire them! What a brave man!


A woman can with the most honest expression to say: "With sweet heaven in a tent! "But she, of course, prefer to tent was at least a separate apartment with all amenities. A better - country cottage. If this villa on the shore of a tropical sea - very good! Therefore, regardless of the owner of such a "hut" she perceives as a personal insult: it should be dependent! Of course, it from! Well, having achieved her, she immediately begins to count the former lack of dignity. Indeed, as well to be independent!

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