How to make a shapely legs

How to make a shapely legs
 Some women may experience complexes associated with the fullness of the legs. This problem is quite common, especially for those who are used to a sedentary lifestyle and a little walking distance. To make slender legs, you need to give serious attention to fitness and dieting.
 Most often, the fullness of the legs is associated with being overweight or swelling. To overcome these problems can be using any diet for weight loss that you like. Doctors recommend eliminate from your diet all the fat, flour and sweet.

It is also important to completely abandon the use of salt, at least on a diet. Swelling in the legs and completeness are often connected with the excessive consumption of salty foods, which leads to accumulation of fluid in the body.

The physical exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, is primarily run. If you just want to do to achieve slimming thighs and calves, and not pump them, it is important to play sports without overloading yourself. For example, it is not necessary to arrange high-speed long-distance races - just a quiet pace run down the street for half an hour.

You can also do squats without weights and jumping rope. You need to perform these exercises at a fast pace to burn excess fat and not increase muscle mass.

To legs were slender, longer go on foot. For example, if your place of work is not too far away, leave early and get there under their own power. Often walk up the stairs instead of the elevator. This will help make eggs and buttocks attractive.

If possible, enjoy a swim or join a gym. Classes on treadmills and exercise bikes, provided that you do not expose too much load, quickly help you achieve the desired result.

Useful as aerobics and fitness. These exercises can be performed at home to rhythmic music. In a set of exercises should be included kicks, lifting on toes, foot rotation, tilt, in which you have to get your palms to the floor (they are aimed at the development of the hamstrings).

After intense exercise, you may feel tired and sore feet. Deal with this problem is possible, if after exercise to lie down for a few minutes, putting a pillow under your feet, or throwing foot on the wall. This is also the prevention of varicose veins.

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