How not to spoil the holiday: rules and tips

How not to spoil the holiday: rules and tips
 Nearing the end of the year, and in front of waiting for a series of happy holidays and noisy feasts. Each year, expect the holidays and new positive emotions and unforgettable experience, but often it happens that not all hopes are justified, and only the bitterness of feeling spoiled the holiday.
 This is because many people do not know some of the subtleties and features of the celebration in the company of other people, both near and unfamiliar. And so often leads to unpleasant situations that could spoil the mood and disturb the harmony of the holiday.

First of all, it should be noted that in any event celebrating the circle of relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues, you should always remember that everyone is different, everyone has their opinions and views on life, so you should show respect to those who are sitting with you at the same table. Picking up a variety of topics during the interview, do not try to prove or actively impose someone their point of view - from the friendly dialogue can develop into too emotional or even conflict. It is unlikely that it will be nice to others - all remain an unpleasant aftertaste.

In general, if you know that a particular topic can be for someone from the present painful or unpleasant, please refrain from the discussions. If you really really want to talk, it is best to think of a funny story or anecdote (only decent to, again, not to offend anyone), or talk on neutral topics.

If your organization is planning a corporate, there is also very important to know certain rules of conduct. Gathered at the banquet table with colleagues, you need to forget about problems at work. It is not necessary to discuss unpleasant situation or the difficulties encountered, try to figure out the unfinished issues and especially the relationship. This is very important because otherwise you can spoil the mood of all employees.

But do not rush, and also to the other extreme: to forget that next to you all the same colleagues, not best friends. Therefore, observe the rules of decency and not cross the line. Generally during corporate party is better to avoid the use of alcohol, especially if you know that you can lose control. After drinking too much, you can not put himself in the best light in front of superiors and colleagues, and this significantly affect the future with respect to you as an employee and professional.

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How not to spoil the holiday: rules and tips
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