Color question: 5 rules of color combinations

 Every day people ask themselves questions: Is this my tie? What blouse to wear with these pants? And the answers are directly dependent on one factor - the color. Just clothes became elaborate ensemble, can not do without the rules of color combinations. Women's magazine JustLady about the basics of color combinations!

A full understanding of colors and their range - a long process, but a quick recipe exists. In the world of art and fashion, there are dozens and even hundreds more complex rules, leave them to professionals. This article - a few simple and ready-to-use tips.

White shirt is suitable for anything

When everything else is losing, can only raise the white flag ... and win! After all, a white shirt goes with everything, including things unusual colors that you were not due to lack of fumes. White shirt can be worn under a suit or a saturated color pastel vest - in any case you will look outside the box and elegant. Classic Cotton white shirt should be sewn out of good material and good to sit and then its price will not be less than the price of gold corresponding weight.

Grey + bright color =?

To any experiment with color is not a flop, turn ensemble in a little gray. This is able to control any color hues, including those that seem unacceptable individually brighter. Therefore, whether one flash of color on trendy accessory or a bright thing, add her gray sweater, trousers or jacket. So you not only will emphasize strong, saturated color, but also enjoy the effect of gray - classic, elegant, and this season more and fashionable colors.

Do not wear colored pants

No matter who you are and what you do: give up the temptation to buy the bright pants. Trousers - very conservative center of your wardrobe, which is to abandon radical experiments with color. Bright pants declare themselves too loudly, so never wear pants, brighter than a jacket or top. Bottom - the foundation of any band, so whatever you can afford - it's classic jeans or pants calm tones.

And two more tips for those who are still committed to the understanding of color combinations ...

Combine the equivalent color

For best results, should be combined not only the color but also the chosen colors. This means that each color in the ensemble should be no brighter than the rest. To test whether this is so, mentally photograph a new ensemble in the black-and-white camera. Those colors that are on the "Photos" look as similar shades of gray - ideal candidates for combination. Therefore, pastel colors - to pastel and bright - a bright and rich, dark - to the same dark.

Opposites Attract

Earn a lot of compliments, combining even the most vivid colors. How? Combine together the colors of these base pairs: red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue. These combinations as if to say that you are confident in your style, and are experienced in the field of clothing. Indeed, such a combination is not only not hurt the eyes, but affect the wealth of color and attract attention.

The combination of colors - in any case ambiguous task. But this ability can be called one required for each, even in small volume. Five rules should be listed base, beginning. Despite all the restrictions, fashion has always encourage bold experimentation and allocated fans of unusual combinations. Prove to yourself and others that you know how to dress better than most discerning fashionista!

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Color question: 5 rules of color combinations
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