Time travel: Tahiti

Time travel: Tahiti
 Tahiti - located in a part of the Pacific Ocean French Polynesia. These places are called the most mysterious and romantic in the world. No wonder here at one time famous French impressionist moved - Paul Gauguin. On the blessed island he drew inspiration for his great paintings and lived a happy life among the natives.  
 For modern residents of cities Tahiti also seems true Paradise. There are a lot of sun and greenery, scenic views, friendly people, time seems to stop, so you can relax and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze, forgetting about the bustle of the city.

In total, French Polynesia consists of more than 100 islands. Tahiti - the largest of them. It is also the capital - Papete. The islands are of volcanic origin, they are formed in five archipelagos with a variety of natural landscapes.

In Tahiti many comfortable hotels. Most of them are made in the style bungalows, and standing on stilts right on the ocean. Through the glass floor of the hotel you can watch the spectacular views of the sea floor and the life of its inhabitants.

Be sure to visit the spa treatments Tahitian. This Polynesian flower therapy, which without a trace relieve stress and fatigue, give energy and peace. Lying in a fragrant bath with coconut milk and exotic flowers, you get an incredible relaxation.

While in Tahiti, it is necessary to visit the unique Black Pearl Museum. There you will be told about the history of this natural wonder, its mythological, religious and philosophical values, production techniques. Those who wish can buy exquisite jewelry.

Another picturesque place in Tahiti - Papete market. There on the shelves of an abundance of colorful tropical plants, rare orchids, unseen fruits with exotic flavors and strange names. Also here you can buy charming trinkets of pearl, original pareos, other local crafts.

On the island there is a museum by Paul Gauguin. Stored there work of a great artist. This is truly a unique opportunity - to witness the immortal works of art in an atmosphere that inspired their creator.

Worth a visit and a rich botanical garden, which contains samples of all plants found in Polynesia. And fans of the architectural masterpieces, of course, like the palace of Queen Pomare IV, which is now the mayor's office, as well as temples and Poafay mom.

Do not forget to visit the harbor Matavai, where landed the famous Captain Blythe, Cook, Wallis, Bougainville. Visit the rainforest waterfalls and dine in a small restaurant where you cook fresh eel.

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