Fashion sandals: there is a reason to give up heels

Fashion sandals: there is a reason to give up heels
 Despite the fact that high heels are still associated with femininity and elegance, are becoming increasingly popular lightweight sandals without heels. This is not surprising, because they are convenient and practical, yet refined.
 Fashion on the heels does not pass, but some have stylists prefer sandals flat shoes. Part of the popularity of such models due to their convenience, because the soft sandals without heels are relevant not only during walks through the city, but also at picnics, beaches and so on. In short, those girls who are tired in the heat wearing sandals with high heels, it is possible to give preference more practical and comfortable shoes, without violating the fashion trends.

Stylish sandals without heels presented at fashion shows such well-known manufacturers like Nina Ricci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Tod's, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Loriblu and so on. Fashion houses offer shoes for every taste. For example, you can purchase a concise and rigorous sandals, consisting only of a flat sole and a set of interwoven straps. For lovers of luxury is fashionable sandals, covered with rhinestones. Other options - made antique gladiator sandals or elegant ethnic famous brand shoes.

In the manufacture of fashionable summer shoes without a heel uses a variety of materials. The most popular leather, suede, miniature chains, rivets, rhinestones, fabric, etc. At the same time deliberately rough models are not interested in modern trendsetters: even sandals, gladiator-like shoes, look at women's legs elegantly. You can give preference bright sandals with a variety of decorative elements, including colors of fabric or leather.

In the long-legged beauties also have a reason to give up high heels that make these ladies even higher. It is for them develop a stylish and fashionable sandals flat shoes with long thin straps tightly wraps his legs. As such models visually reduce growth, low girls they do not fit.

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Fashion sandals: there is a reason to give up heels
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