How to choose sunglasses

How to choose sunglasses
 Sunglasses are an indispensable attribute of summer image. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are buying them, stopping on the choice of those models that are suitable for clothing, hairstyle, purse or eye color. But while most people forget about the main task of any sunglasses - protection. To protect your eyes, you need to get serious choice.
 Sunglasses can be purchased in any major store accessories, a supermarket and even market stalls on the street. Purchase an item from the above locations, it is important to remember that these points can be nothing more than a decoration for a short time. Cheap fake not only save you from UV rays, but also cause damage to the eyes. Choosing glasses without a filter, but with tinted lenses, you only deceive others. The illusion of protection from the sun allows for even more UV light to penetrate to the retina of the eye. Quality products should be selected in specialized stores and opticians.

Arriving at points in the interior of optics, do not be afraid of a large number of different frames. Surely you will be close to the mirror, and you will quickly make a decision. The main thing - to understand what shape is your face: oval, triangular, square or round. As the material of the rim is best seen colored plastic. If the shape of the head is narrow, you should choose the larger models of sunglasses.

After determining the shape, choose color lenses. At first glance, the difference between the color schemes seem small, but still it is. Uniform color reproduction ensure a gray lens. Should give preference to yellow-green and brown, if you want to improve contrast. Such lenses are indispensable for motorists. For outdoor recreation is best to choose glasses with individual characteristics. To determine such is enough a couple of minutes.

Once you have chosen sunglasses, try them again. You should be comfortable and convenient. It is important that they are at the level of the eyebrows, do not slip and do not touch the eyelashes. It is these glasses will protect your sight and protected from the sun for years.

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How to choose sunglasses
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