How to determine the style

How to determine the style
 Search your own style should begin by identifying their preferences, and then compare them with the existing trends in clothing. Ideally, you should see an individual image that reflects your mood, attitude and was most comfortable for you.
 Start with an existing wardrobe. Review your clothes, choose those outfits in which you feel comfortable, and your figure looks most attractive. Rate this affiliation to a particular style of clothing - if it skirts, pants and jackets severely cut, then most likely you prefer the classic style. If your wardrobe is dominated by things bright colors, loose-fitting, comfortable and practical - probably closer to your style sports. The abundance of feminine dresses with romantic ruffles, frills and bows gives you a girl, prone to dramatic perception of reality. If you have a lot veshchichek copyright, with distinct identity elements, the folk style closest to you.

Now go to the big store, dial only a few items of clothing that will seem attractive, and go into the fitting room. Try something new and take the clothes you have not worn, but still want to try. Examples and evaluating their way, you will be able to understand which of the outfits you are, and in what you look unprofitable. For an objective assessment invite a friend or shop assistant. You can also seek help from a stylist, explaining to him what you like - a specialist will help you navigate in a variety of models, choosing the most successful combination.

Learn outfits and images of women, which is considered an icon of style. Read, watch movies and videos, see photos - you will be able to identify the key focus, learn something for themselves. Parallel study fashion catwalks, be aware of new trends, because the concept of style involves adherence to current trends. Avoid blind copy, which always looks ridiculous - your task is to create your own, unique way.

If you want to go to the search of his creative style, take some acting lessons and play - you will immediately become clear in what image you will feel most comfortable with.

Form your wardrobe, based on a few basic things, and refill it as needed, trying to buy different things, but in the same style.

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