Affair with a foreigner

Affair with a foreigner
 Meet interesting man is easy, it is much more difficult to maintain a sense of curiosity and interest for a long time. In this case, an affair with a foreigner is a real panacea, because different cultures require more attention to relationships. Depending on what country came to your partner, it is possible to predict the line of his behavior.  

Like the country as a whole, the British are very conservative in their relationship. On top of that they are overconfident. In sexual terms such men adhere strictly the same position: he top it below. So willing to tickle your nerves and get a lot of impressions, this option will not work. Hoping for a serious relationship, a woman would have to be an Englishman present support.

Temperamental Spaniards - the exact opposite of the British. With such a man already on the first night, you can be in the same bed. Although it is unlikely he will be glad to return home, because there are so many places. Bored woman with man certainly will not be. But the relationship with the Spaniard to get very difficult and can count on them only after getting acquainted with his parents.

In men from Japan mixed two opposites. Cheeky and always surprising in bed and quiet and consistent life. The Japanese do not like and do not know how to show their feelings and emotions, so that the conversation on the souls you expected. A relationship can only get a woman who learns to remain silent.

Certainly, many have heard about the sophistication of the French. These men - recognized lovers, boyfriends skilled and hopeless romantics. A woman can get in one evening an interesting conversation, romantic declaration of love and stormy night. But for serious relationship French clearly not ready.

Germans are very pragmatic. Even the beloved woman will be able to see their soul after sexual intimacy. And though the romance here and does not smell, but quality sex with a neat young man provided to you. For a serious relationship Germans fit is also very carefully.

Italians and passion are inseparable. These men like to win the hearts of women, so be prepared for numerous trips to restaurants, night walks under the stars, singing serenades, etc. But after the goal is reached, the Italians becomes uninteresting. So I wish to tie a serious relationship with a representative of this nation will have to win the heart of his relatives.

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Affair with a foreigner
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