What can turn a marriage with a foreigner

What can turn a marriage with a foreigner
 Girls often tend to idealize foreigners, especially if life at home is not easy. There are those who want to marry a foreigner in the hope that it will solve all problems. However, the reality is far from dreams.  
 Part of marriages with foreign nationals for girls are really successful, however, as well as with their compatriots. This is the ideal case when the right people found each other, have managed to build mutual understanding and good relations. But there are other stories. Sometimes marriages end even scandals.

Always remember that the people before marriage often do not behave as after. At first, they tend to show only its positive aspects and hide flaws. After the wedding, as you may find that you do not know the elect. This can be compounded by the fact that he will feel your dependence on him, uncertainty and helplessness in some foreign country, and because of this will be to feel free to do as you please. After all, he thinks you're still not going anywhere.

Men who are specifically searching for a bride from the countries of the former Soviet Union, often driven by stereotypes. Many of them believe that Russian women are obedient and not as emancipated as Europeans, they will be happy to bear children, cook and stay home. However, the girl in this regard may be different views - it may expect a rich and beautiful life of her husband, who will wear it on his hands and cuddle. Hope partners are not met, and they parted.

Such a scenario could be in Europe and the United States. More complicated situation sometimes compounded when a girl marries a citizen of the Islamic countries. Since the rights of women there is usually less obviously, the bride can only hope that the partner will fall kind and loving and will treat her well. But there are times when the husband does not respect his wife, even beats. A divorce and leave it is not so easy, especially if you had kids, because it means leaving children. Here it is necessary to live and endure.

Young wife abroad can wait and difficulties in adapting to new conditions. Often immigrants can not find a decent job because of non-recognition of Russian education, the language barrier and other factors. Well, if a woman prefers to be a housewife, and her husband agreed to provide. But it happens that she wants to work, make a career, but it can not fulfill your potential. To this mixed feeling of loneliness and isolation, she begins to miss homeland for family and friends. Her depressive mood may adversely affect the relations that have not yet had time to grow stronger. In this case, well, if the husband can help his wife get an education in their own country and adapt.

Scenarios are very different. This means that it is necessary to approach such an important step as marriage with a foreigner, responsibly. It is not necessary to idealize foreign husbands and living abroad in general, to avoid disappointments.

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