Men's Secrets: Working affair

Men's Secrets: Working affair
 Before the revolution in Russia was not accepted during business hours to have affairs. Office romances associated with a form of social behavior in the west. Only after 1917, office romances came to Russia.

If thirty years ago, the office romance with a married man could bring the girl to the crown, in our time, this is unlikely. Modern girls relationship with a married colleague considered real. Office romance with a married man - is to have a good sex training. Need it to, encountering liked the free partner, make indelible impression on him.

Relationship with a married man are a guarantee of safe sex, since the family man has no time for love affair after work. He has no time for other women, except his wife and his mistress at work. Hence, the risk of contracting something very small.

Not devoid of office romances and romance. Future mistress is always near, and therefore with the convergence can not be in a hurry. Leisurely courtship only to wake a woman interested in men. From time to time you can have a co-worker small courtesies: Gift, bouquet of flowers, smiling, accidental touch, a small gift. All these little things make a normal environment a little romance, skrashivaya boring workday.
For a man, office romance is often a small variety of life and service process. Its quite satisfied with sex on the table, and he did not want to change.

Girls often lose their heads. And it is expected that the next meeting will take place in a normal environment. But for this man to have to stay after work, somehow explain it to his wife, to find a place to meet.
Married men so difficult to nothing. Why complicate things when you can quickly do everything in his office. For this reason, and break office romances.

Office romance with a woman of thirty passes a different scenario. They perceive it as a variety of family holidays, from the kitchen. Here men from the bare minimum required, only sex. Everything else will do the woman: she will have a sign of attention, she will provoke a man, she will strip. Spread about their romantic relationships married man will not. Firstly, this may find his wife. And secondly, office romance could harm his career.

Therefore, office romances and intrigues will always be the male mystery.

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