How to return her husband

How to return her husband
 If fate was such that you left her husband, do not panic and give yourself a little time to settle down. And then, if you can not imagine life without a spouse, think - most likely you still have the opportunity to return your mate.
 First of all, give yourself time to reflect, and it happened. If his departure was caused by, for example, a passing fad another woman, it is quite possible that soon will pass his passion, and the husband himself will be happy to return to the family nest. Many men who have been married for many years and used to the dispensation of the home, a delicious dinner and ironing shirts, quickly leave their young passions, which, as a rule, do not want to wash and cook.

If a similar situation - this is not your case, and your separation happened at a good reason, try to calmly analyze them. To return the family relationships, you may have to change a lot in itself. Remember how you looked when only met her future husband, and how do you monitor their appearance, being a married lady. Start by changing your way - because men are known to love the eyes.

Will be easier to achieve the desired goal, if you saved after breaking friendly relations with your chosen one. Because of this you can always call your favorite and, for example, ask him to help you move the furniture or repair the faucet. Of course, do not need to hold your man hysterics and scandals when he responded to your request, will come to your home - better present yourselves before him in a new way well-groomed, positive and self-confident woman. This will certainly help you to make him extinct interest in your person.

In the case where you have common children, do not let them communicate with his father and did not inspire them, he left them. Let the husband always has the opportunity to meet with them in your home, go for a walk with the kids or do they need purchase. If you really want to return your mate, use every opportunity to participate in their joint games, travel, or shopping trip. Such close contact, most likely, will not fully extinguished that fire of love that connects you many years, and perhaps revive your family unit.

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