His ex-wife - boycott

His ex-wife - boycott
 Former spouses, parting, sometimes can not break off relations completely. They can bind a lot, but it sometimes prevents a new relationship, as these husbands and wives are not too welcome this communication. How to behave spouse who annoys them chat with former halves?  

It often happens that a woman marrying a man who was already married before, in married life is faced with a situation where the husband has good and a good relationship with his ex-wife. They can regularly cute talk on the phone, which, of course, does not add to the present wife of positive emotions. Surely between the halves of the former has long been no relationship (otherwise why would divorce ?!), but even that does not stop an angry wife, who again and again convinces her husband that the former should break all sorts of contacts.

Here I want to give some advice: do not make scandals and do not show that angry. Just explain to my husband that you dislike the constant presence of his ex-wife in your life. Tell her husband that you would not want him to talk with the former in your presence. Of course, there are situations where the ex-spouses can not be completely sever ties, as their common children can bind or problems. Maybe ex-wife just blackmailing your current husband contrived problems, forcing thus communicate. But he and you, unfortunately, will not alter.

Do not attempt to compulsively and exasperation criticize ex-wife. There is a very good way to get her husband to think about the benefits of communicating with her. When he once again be bothered to talk to you woman on the phone or go to a meeting, together and go somewhere for a walk with her friends. Home, you can return it later in a good mood, happy and contented, demonstrating that time you spent very well. You'll see, you disappear feelings of anger and resentment, and her husband the next time to think about: is it worth so eager to communicate with the ex-wife.

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