Wedding dresses for hire: pros and cons

Wedding dresses for hire: pros and cons
 Wedding day appointed, the list of invitees is ready, commissioned by the restaurant, the parents are in a quivering anticipation, and you feel sad and nervous. And all because of a wedding dress is not yet purchased. Find something unique and exclusive dress is very difficult, and if they find, where is the guarantee that you can afford the waste? Day after day you were at a loss until it comes to a conclusion - take a dress hire. Before you do this step, consider the "pros" and "cons" to be sure.

So you've decided to use the services of a wedding dress salon and get hired. Advantages of this solution are as follows:

1. Wedding salons offer a wide range of dresses, including models of all seasons and collections, even exclusive works. You have the ability to choose the color of the dress, which will please and not worry about where to then "a" to do with beauty. Complete freedom of choice - a dress of scarlet or blue, with black bow or a five-meter train, studded with rhinestones or transparent guipure, you wear it once and return.

2. If you buy the dress, after the celebration will be the question: store together as a relic or sell? The most beautiful dress in the world slack many years in the closet, and then one day your baby decides that it is absolutely necessary that magic cloth "little things" that mom does not wear. And the child without hesitation cut off a brilliant piece from somewhere behind where almost imperceptibly. You do not get upset, right? Or any other situation where you decide to sell your treasure. White dress stores all experienced the thrill of the day, it is full of your energy, memories will be a pity to sell someone a piece of the most memorable days. In the case of renting the dress this issue disappears.

3. Price - this is one of the main criteria for deciding whether to buy. Perhaps, the example is a fantastic dress, you will not be able to buy it, but after such a disappointment to buy something else do not want at all. Salons offer you clothes for a reasonable fee. You will be able to take that dress that suits you and your budget. To pay for the order of 50, 100, 200 thousand - is unreasonable when the money can be invested on a journey for a young family, for example.

4. There is a sign that a wedding dress can not be sold and must be stored, otherwise the marriage fall apart. If the dress is rented, then the sign is not considered as such.

 As for the cons:

1. We have already said that the dress, as well as any thing holds power. Imagine you take outfit that might have graced more than one or even five women. Not very nice. Especially, in each cabin is dress with a "bad history". Consultants will never say this, trade secret, so to speak. It dresses that are returned by the reason for the cancellation wedding, spats, unpleasant incidents. If you believe in omens, the next bride waiting for the same misfortune.

2. Taking the dress hire, you will not be able to consider all the subtleties of style and product defects, because you get it in the evening before the wedding. When you're a month ago tried on the selected model, you all like it. But suddenly the previous client stretched fabric somewhere crumbled glitter or sequins, chiffon fabric for the arrow that appears. No one is immune from such incidents, dress leased, which means that outfit is not new, second-hand.

3. Weddings are fun and rapidly, and the consequences of celebrations sometimes permanently imprinted on the white dress. Put stains from wine, brandy, cream cake, or girlfriend accidentally come on the train, or be hooked on the edge of the table fluffy skirts - corny, but for damage to property of others you have to pay. The cost of the damage can reach 70% of the price of a new dress, so before you sign a lease for a wedding dress, carefully read all the points of the agreement: for that you have to pay in case anything happens.

4. And the last. Imagine that you have kept my dress a few decades, and once your granddaughter asked him to give her to marry a "vintage" dress. You probably would have burst into tears from overflowing feelings. A dress, rent can only be viewed on the remaining photos.

Draw conclusions, determine and be the most beautiful bride!

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