Swimwear: Swimsuit trikini

Swimwear: Swimsuit trikini
 Every summer we can not imagine myself without a new swimsuit. Fashion changes, there are new models, so it is important to stay abreast of new products beachwear. A few seasons ago fashionista discovered trikini. This swimsuit immediately won the hearts flirts around the world.

Trikini - a bra and panties, coupled strip or strips of cloth, braids or rings. For young girls wearing bikini swimsuit trikini seems too closed. For ladies with overly curvaceous, this swimsuit is not enough covers what you need to hide. It turns out that sexy trikini suitable fascinating nymphs with a stunning figure!

Designers fell in love with this swimsuit, as it gives them the freedom of creative thought, more than any other beach suit. What only bridge connecting the two main parts trikini, they invent - this chain, and various braids, and laces and rings of different materials.

Trikini looks great on women is not too skinny, with fit and shapely legs. It hides, depending on the cut, only some portion of the stomach that rescues girls with postoperative sutures or extensions in the navel. With such a variety of models trikini, we can always choose a suitable swimsuit you.

In trikini difficult to uniformly tan - it complex cut will leave the skin sloppy pale spots. It is good to parade on the beach already tanned, with a luxurious bronze tan.

In this bathing suit wearing no problems in women with feminine hips and buttocks, but if you have a problem in the waist, trikini only emphasize them. Boca with rolls of fat will become more prominent, and bulging tummy deforms cut jumper.

This year's fashion large abstract drawing, models of local color (white, black or pink) or imitation denim. Always look feminine model with ruffles and bows, with contrasting trim and using natural materials in the decor elements - shells, wood, metal, glass.

All models trikini look very sexy, select the one that will make you more beautiful and go to the beach!

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