Summer 2011: White women's jeans

Summer 2011: White women's jeans
 Jeans - one of the universal things, they always find a place in every man's wardrobe. They fit perfectly in any way and are suitable for any situation, whether it everyday rush, business event or a bright holiday. A variety of models allows to choose their liking and fit.

Bright things always look a winner, it's brightness, freshness, purity. Such clothing attracts views, challenge the gray everyday life. A white color is considered to be universal. Many women do not dare to buy white jeans, thinking that they are impractical, quickly get dirty, and that the worst thing - complete. However, a properly fitted clothes and accessories in conjunction with these models create a unique image, a very stylish and feminine, without any hint of completeness.

In the summer season, their shape is varied, flared jeans unusual corsets, narrowed - they will be in demand. Ultranarrow white model perfectly suited to young girls - slim and leggy, they would not have to ignore them this season. But straight classic jeans - an absolute hit of the summer in 2011, in addition they do form the legs visually smoother.

Models with low waist gradually fading, as, indeed, and all kinds of decorative elements (chains, embroidery, sequins). Many fashion houses are things with a high waist or even denim overalls. In conjunction with them relevant belts and belt scarves.

White jeans looks perfect with things any color: colorful and solid, bright and strict. They fit any accessories and shoes (especially metal) shades. The contrasting combination of black and white will look very elegant and stylish - this is a "classic of the genre."

They can go to work, and on the beach, because they may look like in sports informally and strictly businesslike. And in a nightclub under the rays of ultraviolet light jeans will look very impressive and will help to stand out from the crowd. At a party or corporate events, these models are very rich look, combined with topom or tunic of gold or silver and will not only feel natural and comfortable, but also look extremely easy and festive.

White color offers many possibilities for experimentation with its image and the embodiment of the mass of original ideas, and such an essential and familiar thing as jeans, makes it even more fun. And, most importantly, will not have to worry about comfort. It's - the most comfortable thing after pajamas.

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