History wedding suit

History wedding suit
 In all countries, wedding suit, with its own history, has undergone over time some changes. Today, wedding dresses for the bride almost everywhere is the white dress with a veil, and for the groom - a black suit.

Already in the images of the 15th century, have come down to us from the ancient times, you can see the festive attire of the bride and groom. Probably, a rite of passage into adulthood can be called the most popular among the people all over the world. It was believed that as a result of this magical wedding ceremony naive young girl symbolically dies, and in its place comes the woman under the protection of her husband's spirits kind, translated from the parental home in the house of her husband. Wedding furnish special charms that should have promoted the birth of the future health of children and young people.

At first, the bride and groom get married in the clothes worn in the area, they should not have to stand out from the crowd, not to draw attention away evil spirits. Since the 16th century, sew wedding dresses have become matters of different colors. Color symbolized the desire to get certain emotions bride by the groom. Thus, French brides who dream of a passionate wife believed that a wedding dress burgundy color will their desire to come true.

According to one legend, the first white wedding dress put on Queen Victoria, introduced in Europe in the fashion white wedding dress. Though whether this was queen of England or not, exactly, nobody knows.

In Russia, until the late 18th century to the wedding wore national costume. The bride was dressed up in a red sundress, but with the advent of Peter the Great, everything changed. Russia on his orders began to follow European fashion, and soon became the color of the wedding dress in white and the groom's suit - black.

Fata is also a mandatory attribute of a wedding dress. Initially, it was made of thick fabric, that the spirits are not jinxed bride. Years passed, society has become loyal attitude to rites and veils, becoming transparent, no longer hide the beauty of the bride from prying eyes, providing an opportunity today to admire the newly-married couple, dressed according to an ancient tradition.

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