From bolero cardigan to

From bolero cardigan to
 Cardigans and boleros can perfectly complement almost any set, whether it's a dress, skirt or pants with a top. The main thing to pick up their style and the material from which they are made.
 Unlike bolero cardigans are long, sometimes reaching to below the knee. By definition cardigan - knitted sweater without a collar with zipper along the entire length, which distinguishes it from other types of knitted sweaters. This element of good compliment your kit and warm during the cold season.

Texture, material from which made Cardigans and their colors today are very diverse, but the most common shades of gray, dark blue, beige, black, dark green and bardovogo. This can be explained by the fact that, historically, cardigans belong to the classical style.

Strict cardigans with small buttons will go well with the shirt and trousers, and lace blouses. This kit - an excellent option in the business style of clothing.

Small form-fitting cardigans well with straight dresses and skirts to mid-calf length.

Long cardigans same perfectly suited for different sets of clothing - and dresses, and leggings and tunics, jeans and a top, as well as skirts and shirts.

A beautiful addition to complete with cardigan will be a variety of accessories - clutches, long beads, thin, or, conversely, wide belts and belt and gloves.

Bolero descended from the Spanish element of the national costume, which is usually worn bullfighters, and was originally a short jacket without sleeves and fasteners. Today, designers create a huge variety of models bolero: with collars of different shapes and without them, stand, lapels, sleeves (which can be both short and long and three-quarters of the hand) or without them, as well as various fasteners and fittings.

With a variety of styles and materials, bolero today you can pick up almost any clothing.

Bolero can perfectly complement the summer sundress or direct business-style dress. In addition, this element is now increasingly used for dresses graduates or brides. Bolero perfect to topam supplemented skirts of different lengths and shapes, pants, jeans, shorts and even leggings.

When selecting a set of boleros important to note that this item will look good only article of clothing from a thin fabric. In addition, it is important to remember that the bolero is, rather, to the classical style, so you should choose appropriate it is not too bright colors.

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