English style of dress?

English style of dress?
 England - a country whose foundations are firm and calm the representatives of the nobility sung poetry and ridiculed in jokes. Good tone and absolute generosity - that's the motto of the ladies wishing to sustain your wardrobe in style Albion.
 The appearance of a particular style associated with the English traditions of England, and these traditions have made their adjustments not only in the dressing room, but also in the way of thinking of the British. Quietly counting down the minutes and hours of Big Ben, unchanging Thames, wrapped in a grayish mist ... All this comes to mind involuntarily a cursory look at things in a traditional English style, which is calm and is not subject to fashion revolution.

Neatness and elegance brought to perfection - the main features of the English style. Any negligence committed in your attire, whether tightening stockings or rumpled blouse gate, would negate all your efforts to get dressed in the English style. Everything has to be perfect.

This style is designed for a true lady, whose peculiar sense of proportion, good taste and innate nobility and self-esteem. Such a woman is worth only natural fabrics: tweed, cotton, wool, silk and lawn - all natural origin and color close to natural. No synthetic impurities such as Lycra or lurex thread. Cold splendor of noble colors, which are all shades of gray, blue and brown colors can be lightly touched calm red or tender peach finishes and accessories.

Silhouettes of characteristic English style are in most cases poluoblegayuschuyu form: not downright seductive, but not all Changeling effeminate owner. In the classic English style are acceptable and even desirable exposed areas of the body: the legs below the knee, neck, hands.

It is right to use within this restrained style, but flirty accessories: small handbag made of genuine leather with a sweet finish or small elegant earrings made of natural stones in the form of droplets or oval. And remember, above all true Englishmen appreciate when external generosity reflects the inner essence of a person, and therefore the behavior of the ladies, dressed in English style, must be correct.

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