Choose the perfect swimsuit

Choose the perfect swimsuit
 Despite the diversity of modern swimwear is very difficult to find the perfect, perfect in all respects. Apart from the fact that the swimsuit is selected depending on the figures, one must also take into account its purpose and composition of the tissue.

Different types of shapes suit different styles of swimwear. On a pro rata beautiful figure will sit any swimsuit model. But, unfortunately, this figure has not every woman. For full figure fit swimsuit with slimming waist, vertical pattern, which will lengthen the body, and muted colors - cream, beige, blue, green, etc. If your figure is thin, will suit swimsuit with horizontal pattern or with wide straps. Worth a try and models with shorts or a bikini. Owners need a big bust swimsuit with V-neck, combined (from dark to light the top of the bottom) or bright colors. If you have small breasts, make sure you take your swimsuit push-up.

Before buying a bathing suit, you must decide what it is you need. For a beach holiday, you can choose a spectacular swimsuit with strings, metal inserts or embroidered with stones and crystals. If you go to swim in the pool or doing water aerobics, then you need a sports swimsuit that provides good streamlined body in the water. If you enjoy outdoor activities in the water, playing volleyball on the beach or surfing, make sure you take indoor swimsuit as separate you risk "losing".

There are several types of materials for swimwear. The most common - Lycra. It is perfectly tightens figure and pleasing to the body, but as a part of it should be no more than 30%. Taktel - dries quickly, is flexible and perfectly breathable. Polyamide with properties similar to taktel, but has a more pronounced luster. Models of polyester is usually bright and showy, but their age is not long. In stores you can find swimwear model, reflecting the ultraviolet rays. Since these models only began to appear, the price will be respectively.

When selecting the size swimsuit model not need to buy a size smaller. Swimsuit utyanet not all crown, but rather expose them on public display. Choose a swimsuit according to its size cups and hip size and waist. Trying swimsuit, sit down, bend down and wait a bit in it. Only if you are comfortable and convenient, buy!

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