What clothes inspires respect

What clothes inspires respect
 Cause self-esteem exclusively through certain clothes or other external factors, you are unlikely to succeed. Currently, respect must be earned. However, the appearance can help with this, and may, on the contrary, interfere with, so you can follow the following rules when choosing clothes.

1. Clothing must be neat. Never wear wrinkled or soiled things tights with hooks, faded or stretched out sweaters, etc.

2. The clothes should be felt style and taste. Putting on expensive things that do not fit each other either in color or texture of fabric, you risk causing no respect, and laughter.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it is noticeable to others, in addition, you are starting to get nervous, feel at ease.

4. For each garment - its time and place. Even if you are supporter of free style, do not wear ripped jeans to the office, and on the rustic picnic heels will look funny, even if you're a fan of elegant style.

5. It is important not only what you wear, but how. Watch the posture, gait, speed and smooth motion.

6. Employee serious company needs to know the dress code in their profession and organization.

7. For business clothes, there are certain rules that need to know. Learn how long should be the tie which shirt goes with any suit, which allowed skirt length, say what height heel.

8. Watch out for accessories. Do not use a sports bag in combination with a business suit, even if most of the time the bag will have to be under a desk. Do not mix jewelry and costume jewelry.

9. Watch out for a sense of proportion. At work, avoid too bright, variegated colors in clothing, too expensive and flashy things piling up decorations.

Do not forget that your appearance - it's not only clothes but also accessories, hairstyle, makeup, manicure. But that's not all. The main decoration, causing a good attitude to you - it is a smile and good humor, kindness and positive attitude. If you follow all these components, you will surely achieve the location of others.

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