Moments of Spring. Demi clothing

Moments of Spring. Demi clothing
 An important part of any woman's wardrobe is the demi-season clothes. It can be worn both in spring and autumn, so the choice should be taken seriously and deliberately. Women's clothing should be not only practical, but stylish, and this just need to listen to the recommendations of contemporary designers.

Coats - an elegant element of outerwear that will look fashionable at any time of the year. So, Marc Jacobs in 2011 introduced the classical model of a short coat iridescent cream, close fitting leather belt reddish hue. Kit complements bright orange bag that supported color scheme belt. An interesting variant proposed brand Versace. White coat trimmed in a minimalist style and decorated with orange appliqué cute patch pockets, adds the image of carefree spring.

 The jacket also applies to demi-season clothes. In general, the models jackets have a short length, but this part of your style completely protect you from the vagaries of the weather. Moschino presented a leather jacket in classic biker style, such models can be worn with trousers, jeans and even a mini. Jacket by Ralph Lauren Retaining the charm of 70's of the last century: the warm tones of mustard and coffee made of suede and soft leather, they look very modern and elegant.

 Trench never give up its position: the favorite of designers, this item will fit perfectly in any woman's wardrobe, and adding the diversity of its spring freshness and creativity. Yves Saint Laurent introduced the luxury model of warm chocolate color, decorated pockets. If you are looking for something more vivid and extravagant, you should pay attention to the trench by Zac Posen: bright red color, contrasting decorative elements will impress even the most demanding Woman.

 Choosing the demi-season clothes, do not forget about accessories. If your package does not include belt, make sure you pick the right style and color. Bag should not overload the image, its task - to emphasize the color scheme and smoothly integrate into the overall concept.

 Demi clothes should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In addition, it must be constantly updated. Therefore, if you suddenly find that old jacket you no longer pleases rather go to the store and grab a new one, not forgetting the famous fashion brands councils.

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