Fabric for wedding dress

Fabric for wedding dress
 Those girls who decided to dress for the wedding put an order, be sure to face a problem: how to choose the best fabric. Fabric desirable to select from several parameters. Firstly, the choice should depend on the time of year, dress model and the image that you want to translate. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the trends of the season.

Currently, traditional fabrics gradually give way to the new developments. Perhaps, instead of the atlas you want to use a structured fabric or brocade made on new technologies, but has not lost its luster from this.

For the wedding, held in the fall or winter, heavy fabrics are ideal. One of these materials - already mentioned brocade. Dress out of it will look luxurious and expensive, and modern production technologies allow to choose from a huge number of shades of one that is right for you.

Another material that is suitable for the cold season - crepe. He has a number of advantages, one of which is its wrinkle resistance, that is, it is barely crumple. Crepe perfectly compatible with all ornaments, suitable for sewing a wide variety of styles and can be of any invoice (for the dress, of course, better to choose a smooth). Especially look beautiful flowing skirt made of crepe.

Material suitable for light dresses that can be worn in summer - atlas. It is made of natural silk and therefore very easy. At tailoring it can be combined with all other tissues, it will only emphasize their beauty. It's worth noting that the atlas, like silk, very easy to salted and has an unpleasant feature strongly slip. Therefore it is very important that the dress was sewn perfect fit.

If the bride wants to look more romantic and tender, should be accustomed to such material like chiffon. Of course, it is not suitable for sewing as the main fabric, but the finish of it can create a beautiful image of a light cloud around the girl.

Not so long ago in vogue wedding taffeta, with a lustrous and smooth surface. As crepe, this fabric is hardly wrinkled. It is perfectly possible for the winter and summer versions of the dress.

The most stunning outfits that look just exquisite - sewn from composite materials having the same color.

Do not forget to use the sewing and lace that can give the image originality and femininity.

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