Creating a harmonious image

Creating a harmonious image
 Word of the image, so popular today, comes from the English word image, which means the image. So, creating an image just means purposeful formation of an image. And the purpose of this action - make a certain impression on others.  

In real life, each of us has his own image-maker. And we create a harmonious own image each time leaving home. In this case, first of all take into account the number of people on which we would like to make an impression. Second - matching the appearance of our environment. Well, and the third - their own ideas about beauty, to meet the requirements of fashion.

Each individual - a unique personality, but life is arranged in such a way that we have to perform, then one role or the other. And to be able to success - except for a line of conduct should consider a suit, shoes, hair, makeup. Your appearance should be compelling, especially if you go to this place for the first time - we have been known to meet on clothes.

For example, there is a system of recommendations for the selection of clothing and accessories, if you are going to negotiate with the prospective employer. And even if the air-weightless romantic face correctly reflects your essence, this image must adjust to the other person did not come up with the idea about your excessive sensitivity from which to work - some problems.

Lack of makeup or too bright makeup can also give you about unwanted signals. And too cheap handbag or worn shoes can trigger the employer to offer you a salary too low.

Sometimes a harmonious image - it's a matter of safety. Sometimes the image inevitably makes you subconsciously evaluate others on the basis of "friend or foe". In order not to run into trouble, it is necessary to take this into account, going to the destinations, especially if they drink beer or rattles informal music.

Often the idea of ​​the image can be different due to the difference of cultures. Going to travel in some Muslim countries, women need to be especially vigilant and consider that their manner of dress can be misinterpreted.

Creating your own image - is a science. This study life. And everyone chooses himself - how much time and money should be worth his image.

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