Useful properties of bran

Useful properties of bran
 Bran is a co-product of wheat milling. Earlier bran is mainly used in agriculture for animal feed. However, only recently bran are increasingly appearing in the diet of people adhering to a healthy lifestyle. What is the secret of the increased popularity of this product?
 It should be noted that some people are still wary of the use of bran, still considering them a byproduct of processing of grain that has no place on a desk person. They forget that our ancestors mostly baked bread from wheat flour, because we knew that the pastries made with white flour bad effect on the digestion. Today it is the property of white flour is easy to explain.

The fact that the grain is lost during cleaning plurality of biologically active components: the living cells, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, refined flour starch becomes pure, devoid of almost all useful elements. In this case, the bran is retained up to 90 percent biologically active substances, among which the entire complex vitamins, carotene, vitamin E, a plurality of valuable minerals (K, Ca, Fe, P, Zn) and others.

But the main value of the bran is high content of dietary fiber needed for good functioning of the intestines. Fiber is not digested, it is necessary for the adsorption of water intestine. Due to eat foods rich in dietary fibers, increases the number of feces, respectively, reducing the risk of constipation. Fiber is also needed for other vital processes of the body.

Bran is desirably added to the diet as a means of improving overall. Their eating is an excellent prevention of constipation and stagnation of bile, they are useful in diseases of the digestive organs, gall bladder, normalize blood sugar in diabetes, help in the fight against excess weight. There are contraindications. It is not necessary to use the bran during acute gastritis and colitis, infectious enteritis and gastric ulcer.

Of course, bran does not have a spicy taste, but they are quite edible and digestible. They can be added to any dairy drink, such as yogurt. On sale are found in the form of bran sticks (like corn), sometimes with all kinds of flavors. With such "crackers" can be, for example, have a cup of tea, juice, jelly.

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