The whole truth about the product "light"

The whole truth about the product "light"
 Manufacturers spare no effort and money, convince customers of the benefits and quality of products "light." Their range is varied, and the packaging is bright and attractive. Light yogurt, low-fat mayonnaise, low-calorie soda - an indispensable component supply women who care about their health and success. But is it really useful for these products, where and why they have so many "easy"?

All products are "light" can be divided into several groups: low-sugar, low-fat and low-calorie. Each "lite" product manufacturers reduce the amount of a certain element having the general view, the negative effects on the body, or replace it with a synthetic analogue. This information is printed in large type on the label. Along with the icon "light" product in the eyes of the consumer acquires a higher status.

Fat-free products in some cases are really useful. So, cottage cheese, milk and sour cream with low-fat help keep cholesterol levels normal. However, they do not satisfy hunger and prevent the absorption of certain kinds of vitamins. Therefore, they should be consumed with food, rich in carbohydrates, such as bread with bran or oatmeal.

But iced cheese curd and a variety of fruit yogurts are not a dietary products. In their structure, along with low-fat cottage cheese used numerous taste aromatic additives, saturating the body "bad" carbohydrates. The problem of high carbohydrate content and lovers face "light" mayonnaise.

Next product group "light" - savory sweets. We are talking about replacing regular sugar xylitol, sorbitol, aspartame and other synthetic compounds. They are often used in candies and baked goods. But the record for most sweeteners - carbonated water with different flavors.

Sugar substitutes originally applied only to products for diabetics. For sick people carbohydrate sweeteners were the only opportunity to pamper yourself with sweets and biscuits. But their use must be moderate. Large quantities of xylitol and sorbitol can act as a laxative. About aspartame - very cheap component of most carbonated drinks - doctors are bitter disputes with manufacturers. It is unstable and easily decomposed into carcinogenic components. Moreover, all sweeteners may cause allergic reactions and gastrointestinal disorders.

The main problem of a low-calorie food group - psychological. Cheese "light" or even a cake, indeed, have a lower calorie content. They can afford to people seeking to lose weight. But in limited quantities. And here the mechanism is triggered substitution. Man thinks that low-calorie foods you can eat twice as much without harm. Not at all. Restrictions for products "light" in the number of saved are the same as for their "heavy" counterparts.

Turning on the series products of "Light", it is important to observe the basic rules of their choice and use: Carefully read the labels, count calories and do not abuse the number.

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