Ten of the most dangerous products

Ten of the most dangerous products
 Daily consumption of large amounts of unhealthy foods leads to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diseases of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract. To avoid this, you need a very responsible approach to the compilation of their diet.

The most harmful products included in the human diet:

1. Chewing candy, candy, candy canes. They contain large amounts of sugar, chemical additives, colorants, dyes and substitutes.

2. Chips are very harmful. They contain carbohydrates, fats, dyes and flavoring replacements.

3. Sweet drinks. They contain sugar, chemicals and gases. For example, Coca-Cola is an excellent means of lime scale and rust.

4. Chocolate Bars. Contain a large amount of sugar, chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors.

5. sausages - one of the most harmful products including deli meats. They contain invisible fats (pork skin, fat, visceral fat), transgenic soybean, flavors and taste substitutes.

6. Fat meat. Contains a large quantity of cholesterol that causes the aging of the organism and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie foods containing fats, carbohydrates, coloring, flavoring and other substitutes.

8. Instant noodles - a perfect chemistry that causes irreparable harm.

9. Sol. Salt capable of lowering blood pressure and toxins accumulate in the human body.

10. Alcoholic beverages. They are very high in calories and interferes with the absorption of vitamins.

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