Who needs a flu vaccine?

 Every year the same thing: the winter season is approaching - and at us from all information sources afflict the terrible news of the impending epidemic of a new, yet unknown to us the influenza virus. Add more horror and macabre stories about the complications that can occur in the human body as a result of this unfortunate disease virus. After hearing all this, and want to shout after Maxim Galkin: "How terrible to live!" - And the rush to do the advertised annual flu shot.  

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But it is not so simple. It is only in advertising major and everything sounds rosy. And if you start to analyze the problem of vaccination, you realize how much there is still a whole ambiguous. And in order to understand this, it is good to look at the problem from different perspectives. Let's try to do it with women's magazine JustLady!

Skeptic look

Skeptics believe that the whole history of vaccination - pure PR people who invented the vaccine manufactures and sells them. In our market while it's easy to believe. Indeed, it turns out logical proposition: once a vaccine exists, therefore, should pay for itself. That's beckoning every year vaccination different arguments.

Moreover, already beginning to sound the word "mandatory" vaccinations. And it's quite annoying. There is a direct correlation, as soon as something appears necessary - just want to reject this out of protest. Who honestly held regular chest X-rays, visits planned gynecologist prophylactically goes to the dentist? But we indoctrinated from childhood on the obligation of such visits. And vaccination. The more "hype" about it, the less credible the effectiveness of the technique.

Opinion researcher

Researchers studying the problem of vaccination in the broad sense of this phenomenon, have concluded (not without reason) that can not be vaccinated called pure business. After all, at one time a vaccine has been a revolution in the fight against viruses. Our ancestors, perhaps surprisingly, most do not die from war and famine, as a result of a terrible epidemic. It is sometimes the virus becomes responsible for the disappearance of entire civilizations.

And now it is clear that it is through vaccination as a preventive measure, many illnesses disappeared altogether, and those that remain are no longer fatal.

The expert's view

Experts in the field of preventive health programs reasonably call not to generalize in regard to vaccination. After vaccine is different. It's one thing when it comes to such dangerous diseases as smallpox, cholera, plague. And another thing - the flu and SARS.

Our solution "to do or not to do" vaccine would primarily be determined by a dangerous virus. And the viruses that cause influenza, still not lethal to humans (unless, of course, at the time of initiation of treatment and did not bring to serious complications). Therefore, the need to exaggerate the influenza vaccine should not be.

View pragmatics

Pragmatists are usually discarded all general arguments, theoretical "for" and "against". Pragmatists look at the problem from a purely selfish reasons. What is the principle of the vaccine? The vaccine contains a weakened strain of the virus - hence the body's reaction to it will be too weak. As a result, you're not in full, but only slightly perebolevaet.

If so, then why not make your life easier, develop immunity to the virus artificially, on their own initiative than the whole winter to live in obscurity "infected - are not infected" ?! And if God forbid, get infected, even then nervous, correctly prescribed treatment so do not miss whether doctors complications. Better as in a children's poem S.V.Mihalkova: "Well, think of it, prick! Stung - and went ..."

Analyst opinion

Analysts tend to draw conclusions based not so much on logical reasoning sense, but rather on the figures. And as evidenced by statistics?

In recent years, thanks to vaccination significantly reduced the incidence of influenza, and decreased the percentage of complications from influenza. But what is especially valuable: become practically excluded cases of deaths related to the flu epidemic. And statistics show that in a society is clearly visible trend towards more widespread use of vaccines, which also speaks in favor of this method of prevention. Although, I must be honest, this percentage is still quite low in our country - a flu shot does not exceed 15% of the population.

View practice

Practices, to which are treated as primary care physicians, internists, and ordinary citizens of the country, remain in question influenza vaccination conservatives and persistently suggest extreme caution in the use of vaccines. The fact that the experience of the use of influenza vaccines, shows that there are a number of risks of vaccination. They come in three types. Firstly, it is all sorts of complications after vaccination. Secondly, abnormal reactions to the vaccine. Third, the cases of complete ineffectiveness of these vaccinations.

But since there are no statistics unsuccessful vaccination, then talk about these risks in the figures, alas, is not possible. Although not take them into account properly.

View optimist

Optimists, of course, consider any problem with the positive. And there are grounds.

Medical progress is obvious. And in the field of vaccination, of course, also. A flu shot contains not one, but several strains of the virus. Also, now to enhance effectiveness of vaccination do twice a season, which helps protect and 1 st and 2 nd wave of the epidemic. Even the vaccine became more refined, which also increases the safety of vaccination. And in order to avoid adverse reactions compiled a detailed list of contraindications to the use of vaccines, which is constantly updated.

Pessimist view

For every optimist, as is known, there is at least 2 pessimist. Recent stubbornly repeat the imperfection of the health care system, which, in their opinion, negates all the progress of medicine.

Pessimists do not recommend the vaccine due to the negligence of the immediate perpetrators, who may violate the conditions of storage of the vaccine or not paying due attention to the list of contraindications.

Realist view

Realists generally suppress all talk a deadly argument. To determine in advance what type of flu will be - it is impossible. Therefore, in the procurement of vaccines are guided by last year's viruses. There is a logical question: and why such vaccination?

Agree, it seems to be true. Hence, the need for vaccination not only questionable, but literally meaningless ?!

Alas, we have to admit that today the question "who needs a flu vaccine" and remains open. Here's a disappointing fact.

But on the other hand, 10-20 years ago, we did somehow lived without vaccination ?! And nothing - survived! Of course, it can be assumed that viruses have become more ruthless. But, according to doctors, it is not. Influenza viruses do not become stronger and more dangerous. But people have weakened immune system, and the body more vulnerable.

By this, the conclusion is the only 100% guarantee the flu vaccination does not give, and a strong immune system. So do not expect mercy from the outside! Not going anywhere - have tempered!

Author: Julia Detochkin
Women's magazine JustLady

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