Flu: Do I need vaccinations?

Flu: Do I need vaccinations?
 Influenza - an infectious disease is acute, with dangerous complications. They can get sick at any time of the year, but most of the epidemics occur in the fall, winter and spring. Pathogens are influenza viruses A, B and C. Each year the World Health Organization examines the situation and predicts what type of virus will cause the flu. On the basis of this vaccination by various types of vaccines.

Influenza can develop everything from 6 months of age. Up to 6 months in the blood of the baby contains a high amount of antibodies that are passed from mother in utero. So nature protects children from any dangerous viral diseases. With 6 months the number drops dramatically, and any kid is at risk.

Flu begins with high fever, an acute episode of intoxication, immunity drops sharply and the body is exposed to the effects of any additional infections. Life-threatening complications develop rapidly and are not amenable to classical treatment. Dangerous complications of influenza include fulminant pneumonia, pulmonary edema, inflammation of the brain, a sharp central nervous and cardiovascular systems.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization epidemic influenza virus A occurs after 10-40 years and carries a huge number of lives around the world, lighter epidemic may occur every 3 years. Influenza type B is repeated after 4-7 years, and can be observed throughout the year systematically.

The flu shot - it's the only real opportunity to defend against this dangerous disease. Strong immunity, hardening, the use of enhancing immunity, ointments nose oxolinic type, garlic, onions and other protection methods. It's just a myth created by people. The virus will not help defend nothing but vaccination. Even people with strong immunity during the first two or three days of the disease lose their ability to resist the dangerous complications.

Children often ill, people with chronic diseases, with developmental disabilities and acquired diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, blood disorders, endocrine disorders, immunodeficiency and taking drugs that suppress the immune system, are at risk and need to be vaccinated every year. But this is only the recommendations of experts, because the vaccine is not included in the number of mandatory and is conducted at the request of the patient.

Modern vaccines are safe, effective, reliable, rarely cause complications even in immunocompromised patients and children. Vaccine efficacy is 70-90%, depending on the type of virus and the type of vaccine. But even if the vaccinated person is sick, the flu is a milder form and not any complications, incompatible with life. The vaccine may be a short-term reaction in the form of high temperature or in the form of mild symptoms of influenza, but one day all the unpleasant consequences are.

Almost all doctors can definitely say that the flu shot is needed for patients who are at risk, but vaccinated or not, up to you.

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