A lot of water is not so helpful

A lot of water is not so helpful
 For many years there was an opinion that it is necessary for the health drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water. However, it is not clear "a lot" - this is how much liquid? And whether or not to drink plenty of benefit, not harm the body?

More recently emerged among scientists that the statements on the need to use large amounts of fluid is not justified. In one article, the British therapist said that this myth invented by companies selling bottled water, which thus trying to persuade people to buy more of their products and displace from the market producers of sweet water.

Indeed, a number of scholars who have studied the influence of the amount you drink on the condition of the body, noted the negative effects of dehydration, but not proven to be beneficial use of large amounts of water.

Recommended in many countries, the use of water in an amount of not less than two liters per day is unfounded. Increasingly, experts are inclined to believe that the human body is a self-regulatory system, and the need to drink when you want and as much as you want. However, there are several recommendations regarding fluid intake.

If you stick to a diet for weight loss, in any case do not have to limit yourself to the amount of water. While burning fat tissue is a lot of decay products, which must be removed. If there is no leaching of them, the process of fat digestion slows, besides going poisoning of the body decay products.

It is not necessary to drink water after a meal, in this case, the stomach is stretched, and the next time a feeling of fullness comes after drinking large amounts of food. But moderate amounts of liquid during a meal would be useful to the food enters the stomach well hydrated and shredded.

Useful to drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. You can add a little fresh fruit juice. This activates all body systems at the daily rhythm of active functioning, will wake up.

During exercise necessarily need to drink as much as your body will require. Try to drink small amounts, but often. You need to constantly replenish fluids lost in sweat, but do not fill the stomach, as the exercise in this case can cause vomiting.

Listen to your body and drink pure non-carbonated water according to your needs.

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