What to drink while dieting

What to drink while dieting
 Many people know that the diet - this restriction in meal in one way or another. However, not all think about what restrictions apply not only food, but also the fact that a person drinks. Because of this, too, and to a great extent, depends on the result of fasting. Therefore, intending to apply to itself, this method of weight loss as diet, take care about the quality of their daily drinking.
 In the context of forced starvation in the human body begins to react to double as everything that enters the stomach. Even if it's just water. Therefore, the volume and quality of liquid that you drink during this period is necessary to watch very carefully.

During a diet drink can be at least 1 day, 5-2 liters of fluid per day. The excess moisture affect you negatively will not, but the drawback can be very bad for the work of the whole organism. After all, water helps to rid the body of all the toxins and thus enhances the effect of diet.

Be sure to check the composition of the fluid you consume. Especially during a diet. It should help the body, purify it and replenish lost by them in the course of starvation vitamins and minerals. If this does not occur, the body is polluted, and the effect of your diet, you may have to wait a very long time.

Of course it must be remembered, and the type of fluid intake. In no case do not drink a variety of sweet and especially carbonated drinks. This is not recommended by nutritionists and familiar life, and only during the diet even more. Indeed, in each bottle of soda is a huge amount of sugar, which have a devastating effect on the body, causing a surge of glucose. In addition to all these drinks are very high in calories, which again negates all the "efforts" diet.

Industrial juices - is also taboo in the diet. Indeed, firstly, they have sugar and, secondly, in some grades also contain preservatives. If you prefer it to all other juice drinks, choose only fresh. They can drink either singly or by mixing together in a cocktail.

Of course the favorite of the drinks on the diet for you to become ordinary water. But here you can not drink it without thinking. Choose only filtered. But from distilled should be abandoned. Because of its processing, it flushes only useful salts from the body. But nutritionists recommend it to bring even more value, add water a little lemon juice. It will provide your body with vitamin C, give strength and energy.

A separate place in the diet takes mineral water. You can drink it, but only after you have carefully read the label. After all, it can be used according to which body the body you want to support. For example, liver, pancreas, stomach or directly.

As for the tea, then at the time of fasting is best to choose green. He is an excellent antioxidant and helps the body recover it needs substance. But the coffee is better to refuse. Although nutritionists and divided into two camps on this drink, it is better to give preference to other types of liquid.

Yogurt and milk can be consumed in limited quantities and preferably separately from food diet. Also be sure to carefully review the features of your way to weight loss. Perhaps he categorically prohibits the consumption of fermented milk drinks for the duration of fasting.

And that certainly is simply counter during a diet, it's alcohol. Moreover, in any of its form. After all, each of these very high-calorie drink. And also very unfavorable working on all the organs of the human body. Therefore, if your goal is to cleanse your body of toxins and help it work better, the alcohol is, by definition, is not appropriate.

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