Vegetable diet from Dzhenyueri Jones

Vegetable diet from Dzhenyueri Jones
 Stay young, beautiful and slim at any age is easy if you train yourself to a correct and healthy lifestyles. Carbohydrates for breakfast, dinner proteins, protein shakes, no snacks and meals after seven. But if dissatisfaction own reflection in the mirror leads to a complex, then it's time to go on a diet.
 Nobody will be surprised by the fact that the best way for quick weight loss diet are vegetables: Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, so necessary for slimming the body. In addition, you can use them in unlimited quantities, arranging themselves a few meals, because the main rule slimming reads: "Less, but more often."

Vegetable diet Dzhenyueri Jones took the highest place in the ranking of power systems, because thanks to her actress managed to lose a few sizes without harm to the body. Of course, the best time for it is considered to be the summer and autumn: the necessary products are presented in abundance.

Vegetable diet is absolutely harmless to the body, you can sit on it a month or two. Transfer process of losing weight is psychologically easy: there is always a feeling of satiety, calorie intake is minimal, but for the normal functioning of this amount is enough.

According to the diet Dzhenyueri Jones, except vegetables that you can eat in a day and a half pounds, you can supplement the diet proteins and carbohydrates (bread made from rye flour or bran, cereals, dairy products).

At breakfast, the best to eat a light vegetable salad, dressed with low-fat yogurt or oatmeal with milk.

Lunch should be more wholesome and nutritious: vegetable salad, boiled potatoes with sour cream or vegetable oil, a slice of bread, fruit. Dinner, as well as B, should be very easy.

Observing the rules of the vegetable diet Dzhenyueri Jones, a week you can lose up to 5-6 pounds. Contra-supply system has virtually no: all foods are rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements, perfectly balanced diet. In addition, regular consumption of vegetables promotes natural body cleansing, removes toxins, rejuvenate and restore. The only downside is the diet rapid weight gain with incorrect leaving it and going to a regular diet.

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