Reflexology slimming

Reflexology slimming
 Reflexology is an ancient method of influence on the human body is capable of producing stunning results in the fight against excess weight. Activation of specific points of the body allows to lose weight quickly and easily.

On the methods of losing weight with the help of acupuncture, cold and heat exposure, and other methods of acupuncture often turn people already desperate to get the result of standard methods - food restriction, calorie counting and so forth. The essence of this practice is to achieve unity of the original energy in the body. The cause of any disease (indeed it is, in fact, obesity) serves an imbalance of energy. Restore the balance, the body begins to function as it should.

Spot or acupuncture massage, as part of this method of weight loss, irritates certain points of the nervous system, which triggers the natural self-renewal. Reflexology does not act directly on the problem areas, it stimulates the systems responsible for the normalization of metabolism.

If the cause of uncontrolled weight gain is the inability to suppress your appetite, then other methods of weight loss may not be effective. Acupuncture can not only adjust the particular response of the organism to hunger, but also to solve the real problems in the form of endocrine and psycho-emotional disorders.

Digestive and excretory function of organs and systems are often involved in weight gain, because slagging of the intestine and problems with the gastrointestinal tract leads to stagnation of waste substances and toxins. Slowly decomposing toxins poison the body, slowing down the operation of all systems. Available methods of acupuncture can help speed up the removal of toxins.

When you call a specialist for assistance should inform the physician of all chronic diseases, provide available information on the nature and causes of excess weight. Only in this case the specialist will be able to pick up an individual program to be highly effective in this particular case.

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