Lose weight fast: the most popular rice diet

Lose weight fast: the most popular rice diet
 Among the short-term monodiets one of the most popular rice is considered. Boiled rice without salt gives a feeling of satiety and promotes fast and effective weight loss. One or two days, you can easily eat only rice. But if you plan to stay on the diet longer, it should be complemented by other useful products.
 The most extreme option - eat only boiled rice without salt. From drinks green tea is allowed without flavorings, sugar and milk and mineral water. This diet is not suitable for those who have problems with the intestines. It should not delay - "rice starvation" lasts no longer than three consecutive days.

More sparing diet is considered Kempner, during which apart from boiled rice can drink stewed fruit. In compote can add a little sugar. Boil any fruit and berries - dried apples, pears, figs, cherries, raisins, dried apricots, prunes. Each reception rice accompany a glass compote. He nourish the body potassium and magnesium and help to cope with the vexing problem of constipation. Rice-Compote diet lasts for 3 to 5 days.

Very effective and is considered a three-day mono-diet. It starts with the rice of the day - during the day allowed to eat only boiled rice. For a taste you can spoon soy sauce flavor. On the second day diet consists of boiled or steam chicken breast without the skin, and the third is allowed only raw or baked apples. Such a diet is relatively diverse and move it quite easily.

Even easier to lose weight on a form of "Japanese diet." Boiled rice complemented lean boiled or steam fish - cod, sole, perch. Alternate rice and fish or eat them together. Drink plenty of mineral water and green tea, and at the end of the day, eat one green apple. After 4-5 days of this diet scales you sure to please the new, much smaller numbers.

Observing the rice diet, stick to certain rules. Eat often - ideally, every three hours, in small portions. Be sure to drink water (preferably mineral) and green tea. Once a day, allowed a cup of organic coffee without milk and sugar. Give up salt and spices. But you can vary the menu, trying different varieties of rice. Boil Round or long-grain rice, fragrant basmati try, brown, golden, wild grains and mixtures thereof. Most of the rice diet does not limit the intake of grains - eat as much as you want.

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