Fruit Diet: Lose Weight with the use of

Fruit Diet: Lose Weight with the use of
 Fruit - it is one of the main sources of vitamins for the body. In addition, they help to improve metabolism and help to eliminate toxins. That is why fruit diets are not only effective, but also beneficial to health.
 Today, there are many different options fruit diet, among which there are mono-diet. So, for example, some women prefer to devote at least one day a month, during which they eat only fruit. There are those who hold a seven-day diet, during which each day of the week pick a certain type of fruit. However, the most common combined systems are considered to be food on the menu which, except fruit, may also include dairy products (such as low-fat yogurt or yogurt, milk) and vegetables, low-fat meat, and, perhaps, and cereals.

However, although the fruit diet helps lose weight fast and useful for the organism, as it promotes its cleansing and healing. It may be purely temporary, because for a long period can not deprive the body of important nutrients for it, which are contained in other foods. To fruit supply system was the most effective, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of compliance.

Subject to the fruit diet is to abandon the use of grapes, bananas and dried fruits, starchy foods and sweets. To cleanse the body of harmful substances, it is necessary to drink at least 1, 5-2 liters of fluid a day. In particular, it is important to drink plenty of fluids as much as possible after 18 pm and do not forget to drink a glass of water in the morning, about half an hour before a meal.

To get rid of the coming hunger, throughout the day should periodically make snacks (for example, you can just eat the fruit, but you can prepare a fruit dessert).

For those who prefer a varied diet, you can try a seven-day fruit diet. Its menu, for example, might look like this:

- Breakfast - fruit salad or fruit with whole grain cereal or yogurt;
- For lunch - a piece of cooked lean meat (you can also replace it with low-fat fish) or rice with vegetables;
- Dinner - fruit.

As for drinks, you can drink herbal teas, mineral or filtered water, fruit and vegetable juices.

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