Fighting is: excuses from the diet

Fighting is: excuses from the diet
 Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general start with self-hypnosis and correctly set up a new stage in life. The main thing - to make a decision. However, sometimes people want at least a little bit postpone planned - and apparently even have a reason! Is it really? Let us consider the most common otgvovorki-self-justification.

"Over the weekend, we go to visit relatives. It's hard to control myself, and to refuse uncomfortable - close people are offended and upset. "
Indeed, often the relatives do not want to understand that in the struggle for a slender figure is important every day and even every hour. Seniors say: "You do not need to lose weight! "Or" From one time there will be nothing! ". But even this "one time" can relax you and ruin everything! We must look for the most compelling reasons for rejection of high-calorie foods - for example, to refer to health, and more specifically, on the recommendation of medical data to you personally on a particular occasion. "The doctor has forbidden" - it usually affects mothers and grandmothers.

"A good man should be a lot! Often I see fat people who are satisfied with their lives and are not going to change ... what have I done? ".
Well, if you all a happy, if you're really comfortable in your body - not much thought about diets. But if anything in this regard, you annoying, interferes feel the fullness of life - do not rely on others. Be the kind of person you want to be. And you can start with a small ...

"I love good food and I can not limit yourself! ".
If a person will always say to yourself "I can not", it really can not. Need to "program" yourself at least a first step. Especially that healthy food can be quite delicious. Besides sharp thin harmful. For starters, you can try to simply "cut" portions of favorite foods.

"I like to work after a glass of wine or beer. It helps to relax ... ".
Not necessarily drink every day! Reduce your alcohol intake at least two times a week, drink a little and eating properly - not greasy food.

"Work is such that it is difficult" sit "on a diet ...".
And yet, even with constant traveling will find a way out of the situation. The cafe does not make a salad with mayonnaise and olive oil or low-fat sour cream. Moreover, the salad is better to take a hearty side dish instead. Replace the pork fish. Instead of sweet soda drink mineral water or even juice. And more importantly in the morning, before work, do not skip breakfast!

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