Fiber diet

Fiber diet
 Many women dream of losing weight. However, the fear that the diet on which they opted not justify their hopes, could harm health, or is too expensive. However, there are a great way to lose weight with natural diet based on the consumption of fiber. This method does not require high material cost, effective and useful to the organism.

Useful properties of fiber and its variants.

Vegetables and fruits are very rich in fiber. That is why nutritionists recommend adding them into your diet in large quantities. Cellulose itself is a vegetable fiber. They may be water soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fibers dissolve and then, under the influence of fluid intake human transformed into jelly. Swollen, they begin to fill the stomach and thereby prevent the onset of hunger. In addition, they provide a good ground for the development of a variety of useful bacteria. Soluble fiber found in barley, beans fruits and seaweed.

In turn, insoluble fiber, swelling, accelerates and enhances gastric emptying washes excess cholesterol in the structure absorb toxins and wastes, and then outputs them from the body. It is contained in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits. There is a large amount of fiber in bran.

Consuming large amounts of dietary fiber helps reduce blood sugar levels, reducing the formation of fatty layers and gives a strong feeling of fullness, even at a low volume drunk by eating.

It is necessary to gradually make the transition to a diet that is based on foods rich in fiber. To weight loss method was the most effective, you can buy in a drugstore fiber in its purest form.

There are 2 choices of diet on tissue.

1. Four times a day, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt (no sugar and flavorings), to which you add two teaspoons of pure fiber. The remaining product is used in small amounts (not more than 200 g per day).

2. Eat conventional products, and food just add 2 teaspoons of fat, preferably 3 times a day.

Can arrange a fasting day on cellulose (one per week). Scheme is exactly the same as in the first embodiment, diet, but without the use of other products during the day.

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