Everything about the British diet for 21 days

Everything about the British diet for 21 days
 Deciding to lose weight, the woman begins to search for the best way for themselves. Perhaps the most common is the diet. But now their great variety, each has its pros and cons. Very easy to navigate and choose for themselves what seems appropriate. Most importantly, the diet does not cause permanent discomfort. Consider one of the most popular diets in recent years - the British diet for 21 days.

British diet for 21 days was established major nutritionist and is considered one of the most effective. Its main principle - the separation of power to the protein and vegetables. Menu signs on the basis of these requirements: 2 days you can only eat protein foods, 2 - vegetables. Not less important role played by the time and frequency of ingestion. Meals should be three times a day, and the last meal at 7 pm - at the latest. Experts recommend a diet before unloading to spend 2 days in which you can only drink water, a small amount of yogurt and a pinch eat a small piece of rye or corn bread. This is necessary to cleanse the body and prepare it for the upcoming changes in the diet.
People suffering from chronic diseases, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is recommended to see a physician before you start a diet.

Despite the serious limitations British diet is not hungry. Those who observe it, they say that hunger is practically experienced. This is especially important for those who work. Hunger creates discomfort, bad mood, he becomes depressed.

Here is a sample menu for those who keep the British diet for 21 days.
Protein day: Breakfast - unsweetened coffee with a little milk and a slice of rye bread. Lunch: beef or fish broth and a piece of meat or fish no more than 100 grams, a little piece of rye bread. Dinner: 2 eggs, or a small piece of lean beef (you can veal or chicken breast) and a slice of rye bread.

Vegetable day: Breakfast - two green apple or an orange, a glass of juice without sugar. Lunch - vegetable soup or steamed vegetables (potatoes excluded), a slice of rye bread. Afternoon tea (in a vegetable day allowed) -Nesladky fruit - to choose from. -Salat Dinner of fresh vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, cucumbers - vegetables containing fiber, a slice of rye bread and a cup of yogurt.

From the diet on a diet excludes flour, pasta, chocolate, sweets, sugar in its pure form (can be a small amount of honey), alcohol, fruits and vegetables that contain starch and carbohydrates.
At first glance, everything is quite satisfying. You can hold out. But it is, in fact, a very serious jolt to the body. Therefore, the diet needs to be repeated not less than six months.
To make it easier to go to a normal diet, the last day is recommended to consume only liquids.

3 weeks - it's not too much. Especially if the result will make you happy.

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