Detox diet on guard health

Detox diet on guard health
 Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exposure to fresh air, air pollution, bad habits lead to the accumulation in the body of toxins. When this deteriorated efficiency is lowered immunity suffers appearance of the skin and hair. Help cleanse the body of harmful products can use detox diet.
 Detox diets are based on reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates and increasing the share of content in the diet of foods containing fiber in its composition. For a short time meals should consist only of natural products that have not undergone industrial processing.

The essence of the detox diet is that for a few days (usually a week) basis of the diet up vegetables, fruits, legumes, low-fat dairy products, nuts, wheat germ, herbal infusions and teas. In the list of authorized products may also include meat and fish, but they are used only boiled or steamed form. Number of meat and fish dishes should not exceed 100 grams per day. Taboos imposed on any bread, cereals, coffee, alcohol, salt and sugar.

Due to a change in dietary practices, there is a cleansing of the body from harmful substances in the form of toxins, providing complete cleaning of the body (mainly the kidneys, liver and intestines). Healthy eating can restore the metabolism, normalize blood cholesterol levels, stabilize weight and improve vitality.

Detox diets - a split meals. Three full meals and snacks plus. At the same time serving in regular time should be small, required interval between doses should be eating 2, 5-3 hours. Throughout the time of the diet should be consumed at least 2 liters of fluid during the day. On an empty stomach in the morning, for the revitalization of the gastrointestinal tract, drink a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of honey.

Special training for detox diet is not required. In addition to cleansing the body of this method of diet helps to solve the problem of overuse of sugar, which reduces the formation of adipose tissue, and also minimizes the use of salt. Salt-free component of detox helps to eliminate fluid from the body and provides the normalization of the functioning of the circulatory system, the absence of edema and stabilization of overall health.

The main disadvantage of the diet - a deficiency of protein. Therefore, the weight loss is not only due to the reduction of fat, but also muscle tissue. In view of this, the continued use of detox diet is contraindicated.

To save the results and indicators at the end of the diet in the future must daily adhere to the principles of a balanced and healthy diet.

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