The new figure for the New Year

The new figure for the New Year
 No matter how you celebrate the New Year - at a crowded party, together with the beloved or with your family, before the holiday is not amiss to adjust its shape. Thin and refreshed, you will look amazing in a new outfit and having fun afford to eat something tasty, not thinking about his waist.
 Urgently get rid of a few extra pounds before the most important holiday of the year will help you wisely chosen diet. Nutritionists have developed a variety of options to lose weight and you just have to choose this one, which is more like and is suitable for health reasons. Before you restrict your diet, make sure that you have no contraindications to certain products.

For three days the diet is designed, tested the famous Sophia Loren. On the first day at breakfast you drink a glass of orange juice and eat a boiled egg for lunch can make a salad from any vegetables with a small piece of lean meat and low-fat cheese for dinner - 100 grams of pasta with prawns and salad with vegetable oil. For dessert - apple. The second day begins with a cup of cereal with skim milk. Lunch consists of fresh fruit and low fat cottage cheese plates and dinner - spaghetti with meatballs and salad leaves. For dessert, eat a pear. On the third day diet is as follows: breakfast - toast with lean cheese, dinner - salad with boiled chicken dinner - lasagna from low-fat cheese (170 g) and a big salad of any vegetables. For dessert indulge yourself with two peaches.

If you have left to work on his figure of the week, you can use a light diet, designed for five meals. First breakfast consists only of unsweetened tea or coffee. During lunch supposed to eat 40 grams of cheese. For lunch, take 120 g of any lean meat, hard-boiled egg, and 20 g of cheese. Snack limited to a glass of unsweetened tea. For dinner can cook 125 grams of meat and seasoned with vegetable oil vegetable salad. Before going to bed drink a cup of tea of ​​mint.

There is a very simple diet, designed for 10 days. During this period are forbidden to eat bread, all flour products and rice, all dairy products, sugar and all products that contain it (including fruit), carrots, potatoes, corn, drinks and alcohol. Allowed to eat any meat, fish, eggs and vegetables cooked in any way. You can fry in olive oil. Must comply with the several conditions: it is certainly 5 times a day, even if you do not like, the food - drink a glass of water, and, on the contrary, after eating - do not drink the water for half an hour; after 20.00 is not. More than 10 days to comply with such a diet can not. If you have broken, you can not start again - to lose weight will not work. A second attempt can only be done after 2 weeks.

Of course, you can take as a basis, and any other diet. The most important thing - your determination to achieve this goal and will power.

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