The more dangerous fast diet

The more dangerous fast diet
 Situations that require very fast lead figure in the order, forcing you to mobilize all resources - mentally and physically. Express-diet - one of the options to get rid of excess weight in a short time, but here there are nuances.  
 Abrupt release weight - it is always bad for the skin and generally for the body. You can lose no more than 1, 5 kg in a week, it will preserve the health and does not lead to serious consequences. Second, the safety of the diet - is a regular calorie counting. If you restrict your diet 1200 calories per day, while maintaining the usual level of energy consumption, the body will have to process the fat reserves to make up for the lack of power. Everything that goes beyond these two indicators of safe weight loss can be harmful to health.

Any fast diet involves a significant limitation or waiver of fat intake, which causes a lack of power of the body, which is used to get a certain percentage of high-calorie foods. As a result of the unpleasant consequences of such diets become dizzy, hungry fainting, increased nervousness and frequent depressions, when you suddenly begin to understand that the loss of pounds you are no longer happy as before. Naturally, if a person constantly thinks about food, he can not concentrate at work matters. In the body, could experience major changes that trigger the subsequent development of metabolic diseases, menstrual disorders, low immunity and so on. Even after a three-day diet can be difficult to go back to the old diet.

Any fast diet is contraindicated in people having problems with the functioning of the digestive system, allergies, diabetics, etc. Some rapid weight loss techniques can greatly facilitate your wallet - for example, daily consumption of grapefruit or seafood in large quantities at low cost funds.

One of the most unpleasant results fast diet is considered sagging skin - rapid loss of fat tissue layer is sagging, wrinkling and the appearance of wrinkles. If you practice this method of weight loss on a monthly basis, the disruption of the structure of the skin can not be avoided. In addition, the deteriorating condition of nails, hair and teeth due to lack of essential minerals.

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