Star errors in the diets

Star errors in the diets
 Celebrities like ordinary people take care of themselves and not paying little attention to their weight, adhering to different systems of weight loss. However, the pursuit of perfection is not without casualties, and the stars also make mistakes, not taking into account certain factors.  

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue is a fan of the grapefruit diet, which for a short time helps get rid of excess weight: 3 weeks, you can lose about 10 pounds. This method is very effective, but it is considered a huge drawback is that the body except for vitamin C is essentially nothing more comes, in consequence of this man is quickly becoming tired and easily irritated. Physical exercises are difficult, so it is necessary to include grapefruit in addition to its menu and other products to the food was balanced.

Jennifer Aniston enjoys a rather strange principle. She believes that to lose weight helps large amount of fat, in particular, coconut oil or cod liver oil. On the one hand, in fact, they help restore the immune system, and lose weight, but on the other - a large intake of saturated fat impairs the cardiovascular system.

 Angelina Jolie and Renee Zellweger prefer to sit on the Atkins diet. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to use as much as possible to reduce the intake of protein and carbohydrates. This technique is quite popular. Nutritionists expressed positively about it, but warn that excess protein in the body is able to cause problems with the kidneys and heart.

 Green tea diet for use in the fight against overweight model Sophie Dahl. A few cups of this drink per day accelerate metabolism, prevent cancer and remove toxins, but is fraught with insomnia above normal. Also, this diet is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Sarah Michelle Gelar prefers to stick to express diets. Especially popular she enjoys cabbage diet, where to eat vegetable soup and salads. Result - weight loss of 4-5 kg ​​per week. Since as the main body is used energies proteins, the weight loss is not performed due to dissolution of fat cells, and due to the loss of muscle mass and, as a consequence, the metabolism lacking vitamins, the body will no longer be able to adhere to such a power supply system as the primary.

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