Rice diet for weight loss

Rice diet for weight loss
 To date, use a wide variety of diets and ways to lose weight. The huge popularity and demand has rice diet. Subject to any rules such a diet is not only not harm health, but on the contrary, to strengthen the body.

Rice is known to be a very useful product, it contains eight basic amino acids of vegetable origin, as well as a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, this cereal does not contain gluten - a protein is often caused by allergic conditions, which is why the rice cereal is the first main meal of complementary foods in children. Also Fig able to "delay" over the waste and excess salt, and it is this property is used for weight loss. It is known that salt pulls the water that accumulates in the tissues and is responsible for the accumulation of fat cells. In addition, the rice diet gives you the opportunity to clean your own body.

The most useful possess properties crude (brown or brown) rice as it is processed less than all, it still has all the vitamins and minerals. In second place - steamed rice, which has a golden color and best known to us, the poorest in terms of usefulness - it is white rice. By using this cereal for weight loss is best to take it brown rice. Also important method of heat treatment, it is best to cook rice for a couple or just leave it on overnight, the Gulf water.

Hard rice diet is best to use no more than three days in a row, it is important to provide the body with plenty of water, as it will help in the removal of toxins and salts. During the diet you can drink a half hour before receiving rice, or an hour and a half after eating. You can combine the use of cereals and vegetables, fruit and seafood, but it is best to eat rice separately, and other products to use in another meal, this would allow the rice to freely perform its cleansing function.

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