Pressure therapy: a quick way to lose weight

Pressure therapy: a quick way to lose weight
 If you are very sad ugly wrinkles on his stomach, full hips and hateful "apelsonovye" cake on the problem areas, do not despair: with the advent of such techniques as pressure therapy, you have an opportunity fast enough to correct these deficiencies. Such services are available at present, many beauty salons.
 The device, which is carried out by means of pressure therapy may be a costume consisting of eight sectors and 15 are independent of each other plus separate segments - a pair of inflatable boots. Alternatively, it may be in the form of a special corset jackets, pants, wide belts or long gloves, which are fixed to the necessary parts of the body.

Before performing this procedure, you have on the couch, put on disposable cotton, and on top of it a special elastic suit. Suit for pressure connected to the machine controls the flow of compressed air. Using a computer, set the desired program, and the compressor starts to escalate in your medical "outfit" air. In this alternate high and low pressure air, and you feel your muscles and skin is something akin to a nice massage. Pressure force and its periodicity are regulated computer.

During these rhythmic "push-'increases blood circulation, lymph flow occurs, which consequently reduces the problem areas in your fat cells from the body toxins, stagnant liquid decomposition products of fat. Improving not only the state of the circulatory system and muscle tissue, but also a common skin condition - it becomes more elastic and smooth.

As with any massage, pressure therapy helps to relax muscles and relieve fatigue, improves mood and enhances sleep. Experts believe that one such session hardware replaces 20-30 trips to the masseur. But in order to achieve a good effect, you have to go at least a dozen sessions lasting about 30 minutes. Procedures are carried out in 2-3 days - it depends on your individual performance.

Actually, this method not only eliminate cellulite and excess weight. Pressure therapy helps people suffering from venous insufficiency, and muscle strain. Thus removed and swelling of a different nature.

But remember that although it is easy and pleasant to feel the procedure before you decide to try it for yourself effectiveness should still consult a doctor. Contraindications to the use of pressure therapy a bit, but they are still there. For example, this method can not be used in pregnancy and during the menstrual cycle, diabetes, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, inflammation of the skin, as well as cardiovascular and renal insufficiency.

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