Lose weight fast or long

Lose weight fast or long
 Overweight has become a real problem in today's society: it not only damages the health and causes women to complex, but even creates problems when looking for work - many employers establish their companies in a sort of dress code for employees complexion. And humanity is losing weight, many ways.
 Ideally, everyone wants to lose weight quickly and without harm to health, but it is almost mutually exclusive things. Decide for yourself: do you want to look good to a certain date / celebration / important meeting, and then could not care less, or you need a stable result. It is this decision and determine your next steps.

Express diets now know very much, and often they give weight loss due to excretion of excess water. For three or four days a rigid diet you can lose about three pounds, and for the most part it is water. These first days of rapid diet will please you quick weight loss - water is drained quickly and easily, but more weight will start to leave reluctantly - excess fat disappears much slower water.

On the fourth or fifth day of a rigid diet the body begins to starve and persistently demand the usual food, in this period, the possibility of disruption, increased irritability, and there is a steady desire to make a trip to the refrigerator, especially at night. If you can pull yourself together, and the incentive to lose weight is large enough, you can last for three days and a total of a week express diet can get rid of about four kilos and three inches in the waist.

At the right time you will look undeniably slimmer, but first, your body will survive the stress and will try to regain the lost, and secondly, you can get breaking nails and hair falling out, as express diet traditionally poor useful vitamins , minerals and trace elements. Hard diet in any case can not extend the due date for longer, because it is very harmful, and the consequences do not take long to wait.

LPs diet are due more to a healthy diet. They do not give such a quick and visible results, as hard express diet, but you will feel good, your body will not starve and, very importantly, the extra pounds will go away and not come back. Such a style of food will require you to discipline and patience, but the results are worth the effort.

Before you choose a diet, consult a dietician. Your body requires a respectful attitude - do not be lazy to go to the doctor; perhaps you have a disease that you did not know, and the restriction in the diet can hurt you.

After drawing up an individual diet, try to stick to it, because in a healthy diet is necessary not only to give up bad habits, but also observe a certain and regular diet, but it requires discipline and patience. During the first few weeks of this mode your body is reconstructed, get used to the new routine, accelerate metabolism, and you will not experience physical discomfort and constant feeling of hunger.

It is important to drink plenty of non-carbonated water, even if you have to force yourself to do it - so you can help your body much faster to get rid of toxins, the skin and complexion will become much better and fresher.

Add to healthy food simple exercise and walking outdoors. Yes, it will require additional time, but after you do it for yourself, do not forget about it.

Of course, there are situations where it is important to lose weight by a certain date. But do not go on about my own laziness and use express diets constantly. Take care of your health and go on a healthy diet - and health will save, and will look very good.

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