How to make the right diet

How to make the right diet
 Any diet can be effective for you - because when it is not considered particularly drawing it in your body, the condition of the internal organs, energy consumption, etc. You can make an individual meal plan could be adjusted to fit your goals one of the standard diets.  
 The diet should be balanced, and it must be present dairy products, fruits, vegetables and proteins. Your menu should include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and quite all the necessary vitamins. Meat as a source of protein, it is necessary to use - depends on your performance, condition of the muscles, skin and hair. The abundance of fiber needed to ensure proper functioning of the intestines and satiation.

Making a meal plan, give preference to products, traditional for your region, and exotic ingredients or eliminate, or add it to the minimum level. If you decide to go on a vegetable diet, then choose the end of summer and autumn, since at this time the vegetables are available and varied. Rice diet can be used and winter.

If any products you do not like, do not include them in your diet, otherwise you can easily "break" or will look forward to the date of termination to eat enough. It is better to choose those foods that you and the usual diet is always willing to taste. You need to take account of their constitution, occupation and lifestyle, age and climate area where you live.

Count calories still have - your daily diet should not be greater than or less than 1200 calories (1500 kcal for men). Calorie reduction is slowing metabolism, therefore, after the diet your weight will return rate doubled.

Any diet includes high intake of water - calculate your rate based on the ratio of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. Water is better to drink before a meal, as it stimulates digestion.

Choosing the start and end of the diet, make sure that they do not match the specified period (exams, a new job, moving, etc.). If your body is under stress from anything else, the diet can only do harm. Remember that you can not sit on a diet during pregnancy, lactation period, the establishment of the menstrual cycle and menopause. If you suffer from any chronic disease, for the preparation of individual diet is best to consult a specialist.

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