How to choose a fast diet

How to choose a fast diet
 Fast diet - a kind of method of rapid weight loss. To him often resort to the important things in life events, holidays, vacation, when a great desire to look at 100%, is adjacent to the basic needs to get into the prepared for a special occasion dress. It should be remembered that the fast diet - it is a great psychological burden to the body, so the pitfalls can easily become stressed and nervous disorders. But as they say, the end justifies the means. So what is it - the fastest diet?

The main factor contributing to the rapid weight loss, a sharp decrease in the number of calories consumed per day. There are several ways in which in a short time you can get rid of the hated kilograms.

Express Weekend diet will help you the most gentle way to remove unwanted centimeters. Strictly necessary to approach to the choice of diet, it is much easier when you are at home, and harsh working hours, accompanied by active energy consumption, will not be able to get you out of a rut. If the thought of food will be tiresome to visit you during the day, try to do something more interesting to distract yourself from everyday gourmet. Take a stroll down the street, read an interesting book, do not forget to drink plenty of water, it is most effectively blunts hunger. Drink green tea, herbal tea, and low-fat yogurt, eat low-calorie yogurt, do not forget about two or three spoons of honey and citrus. For lunch, you can treat yourself to a piece of boiled chicken, steamed vegetables and a slice of cheese. For dinner, try to make a fruit salad, not a huge obstacle to weight loss and a piece of cooked fish or vegetable soups. 

High efficiency have fasting days: kefir, apple, buckwheat and others. Their essence is that you can not only lose weight but also good to cleanse the body of toxins.

Eliminate from your diet for a while white bread, chips, flour products, dramatically reduce the amount of salt intake, in fact it holds fluid in the body and prevents lose weight. Sweets also leave until better times.

There is also such a fast diet, which is actively used models before the show. Over 3 days for breakfast Eat 1 boiled egg, for the remainder of the day - cheese.

Do not forget that express diets rarely have a lasting effect, so follow the diet, attend sports training - all of which should be your second nature - a habit. The only way you'll always look in shape, without experiencing any psychological discomfort.

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