Diet vivacity

Diet vivacity
 To be fit and lead normal active life, should not be neglected the basic rules of a balanced diet. Proteins in the diet should prevail over the fats and carbohydrates. Fats - come mainly at the expense of vegetable oils. And carbohydrates - whole grains.

When we experience dissatisfaction of his own reflection in the mirror, we have pale skin, crumbling nails become brittle hair, but most importantly - overcomes drowsy apathy, it's time to think about changing the diet. Diet cheerfulness is not so difficult to implement, as it may seem at first glance. There are rules of basic prohibitions such as the ban on visits to fast-food, non-fast utilizable carbohydrate snacks and soft drinks, the introduction of the regime meal. As for everything else correct choice of food.

When you go to the grocery store, you must have a written list of products that you have to buy to cook meals planned. The worst enemy of any diet - spontaneous purchases. Try not to deviate from the target, then you will not be tempted to eat before going to sleep bag of salted nuts or a piece of chocolate. No peanuts or in hazelnuts, pistachios any, of course, there is nothing illegal, but manufacturers add salt in them. It retains water in the body, which is extremely undesirable, especially at bedtime.

Foods stimulating activity include whole grains (rich in B vitamins B), vegetables and fruits (charges vigor vitamin C, vitamin A increases endurance), milk drinks (they are real fount of calcium, an essential for the musculoskeletal system). Diet vivacity certainly should include lean meats and offal. They supply protein, the consumption of which is a must for people with active lifestyles. In addition, by-products, such as beef liver and tongue are rich in vitamin A, improves eyesight.

Those who are engaged in many activities, it is recommended the introduction of a diet extra virgin olive oil. This is the only fat that carries more useful features than harmful. Alternative olive oil - oil only some nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts. Fats of animal origin excluded from the diet should not be, but those who stick to a diet of vivacity, the use of animal fats should be reduced. 10-15 grams of butter a day - enough.

To memorize the important and to be "riding the wave", you need a sharp mind. No product so does not affect the mental activities, such as sea and ocean fish. Rich in phosphorus, it is indispensable both for students and for those who are successfully managing their own business. If you want to live to a ripe old age active and healthy - do not neglect diet vigor.

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