Delicious oatmeal diet

Delicious oatmeal diet
 The phrase "oatmeal diet" makes some girls wince in disgust. Porridge of cereal, cooked without a soul, of course, does not have outstanding taste. But for a long time proven benefits of oatmeal requires the inclusion of this dish in the human diet, only need a little more time and imagination pay catering.
 Oatmeal diet is based on the use of large grains, because in its composition contains complex carbohydrates, which are excellent sources of energy. Flakes and starch have, enveloping HIA and reducing its work. Oatmeal - a source of vitamins A and B, trace elements and minerals.

Any mono-diet needs to be supplemented to human nutrition was balanced. Doctors recommended the use of oatmeal with apples, plums, cherries, strawberries, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery. But bananas, potatoes, grapes should not be included in the diet. Not allowed sugar, salt, butter.

If you want to heal the body, not necessarily every day to eat a porridge. To do this, you can arrange unloading 1-2 days a week. Cook oatmeal and can be on the water, and milk, and vegetable or mushroom broth. Dried fruits, especially figs, perfectly combined with dishes from this cereal.

Use different recipes for oatmeal and invent your own original dishes. For example, cook the porridge on the water: bring to a boil 2-3 cups of water, pour into it two-thirds cup of cereal, add salt to taste and a quarter cup of raisins. To the dish was flavorful and delicious, the preparation, use cinnamon (one teaspoon), ground cardamom (a quarter of a teaspoon), nutmeg (pinch). Serve porridge with honey.

Here's another recipe for a delicious oatmeal. Rub a large carrots, sprinkle with sugar. The mixture will be juicy, if a little stand up. Grated carrots mixed with oatmeal and top it with a spoonful of sour cream genuine. You can cook delicious oatmeal cookies. In the finished pudding sprinkle dried fruit mixture and let it brew. Fruits greatly swell and absorb moisture from the food, in this state, the mass can be cut with a knife on a large cubes. Lubricate the top pieces beaten egg with sugar and bake in the oven for a few minutes.

Monodiets not be used all the time, but a useful product can be actively applied during breaks. Add oatmeal stuffing in order to better link the components and gives the dish a distinctive flavor. Hercules can be used instead of breading. When cooking baking replace part oat flour. If you add a meal in the soup, it will become thicker and more fragrant. Roasted in the oven oatmeal will be a magnificent addition to crisp salads, desserts and vegetables.

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