As part with weight

As part with weight
 Overweight poisoning the lives of many women and men around the world. And if men is primarily a health issue, the women are much more tragic is the loss of attractiveness. It seems that women are willing to great lengths to restore the beauty. But losing weight is probably given them the hardest.
 Overweight is formed due to the fact that the body receives more energy than is consumed. The calculation is simple: if your calorie intake goes from minus compared to consumed, then those extra pounds disappear, and vice versa. However, constant counting calories - a tedious task. And just consider their energy consumption and even impossible. Meanwhile, there is no need for computation. Enough to learn simple principles that will help people to lose weight.

Energy consumed in the form of carbohydrates, very reluctantly postponed as fat. If you eat a lot of carbohydrate foods, the body simply allow himself "poshikovat" expending energy: you will feel the heat throughout the body, the heart will beat a little faster, it will want to move actively. Such a conclusion, scientists have made recently, and it is fundamentally contrary to long-held beliefs that if the body has received a lot of carbohydrates, their surplus immediately postponed as fat.

Since fat is another story. Ability of the organism in their oxidation is not unlimited. Each person has a limit of dietary fat, which can oxidize, and the rest are sent to long-term storage in fat depots - the very stomach, hips, riding breeches, and other places where most want to lose weight. The ability of the body to fat oxidation is influenced by various factors, including time of day, accompanying food and a variety of substances. So, we know that in the morning fats are oxidized more readily, and in the evening, most of them stored for future use. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes allow fats oxidize better. With the latter, incidentally, is related effect of weight gain after smoking cessation. On average, per day is recommended to use no more than 30 grams of fat. In this case, you will stop gaining weight and start losing weight. Please note only that fats are found in a wide variety of products: dairy, baked goods, candies, cereals, etc..d. Count must be very carefully.

Proteins can not limit: it will cause a decrease in muscle mass, and energy will be spent worse.

Thus, in the diet consume adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates, and fats limit.

After 18 hours, all processes in the body slows down, it starts to get ready for bed. Function of internal organs decay. At this time, do not need to puzzle stomach digesting three shifts dishes. The best option in terms of loss of excess weight, will complete refusal to eat after a specified time.

To increase energy, increase your physical activity. Is mandatory daily exercises, the effect of which is aimed at correcting problem areas. To it can add any sport that gives you pleasure: swimming, running, cycling, tennis, skating, skiing ... Exercise two or three times a week.

Following these guidelines, you will not only easily will find a good figure, but save it for years to come.

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